Renewable Natural Gas

Bringing RNG to Market

Through its work on carbon credits, Origin Climate has worked extensively with methane capture projects across the U.S., including municipal solid waste landfills, anaerobic digesters for livestock manure, and anaerobic digesters for other types of organic waste (such as food).

Since 2004, the company has helped more than 30 methane capture projects create and monetize environmental credits and/or renewable natural gas (RNG, also known as biogas or biomethane). Whether it's for power generation or transportation fleets, Origin has experience in originating and negotiating long-term biogas purchases, as well as creating and monetizing environmental attributes from RNG projects.

Prior to 2014, Origin's work in this area focused primarily in RNG use for power generation (including fuel cells). However, in mid-2014 most methane projects became eligible to benefit from renewable fuel incentives when used as a replacement for compressed natural gas (CNG) in vehicle fleets.

As a result, Origin is employing its expertise in detailed carbon accounting, environmental credit registration, and selling credits to obligated parties to help RNG project owners maximize the value of their RNG. 

Our services include: 

  • Project planning and financial analysis
  • Project quantification and pathway registration
  • Identifying and securing buyers of RNG, LCFS credits, and/or D3 RINs
  • Identifying and securing financing for project implementation
  • Assisting with project monitoring and compliance

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