Carbon Credit Origination and Sale

Origin Climate is one of the oldest and most successful carbon credit companies in the United States. Since 2004, we have registered more than 5,000,000 verified carbon credits from U.S. projects, generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue for emission reduction projects. 

Our Services

Project Development and Registration
Origin Climate identifies and co-develops new emission reduction projects capable of generating independently-verified carbon credits by avoiding, destroying, or sequestering greenhouse gas emissions that would otherwise have been released into the atmosphere. Our early-stage work on new projects includes project planning and financial analysis, assistance in identifying and securing financing for project implementation, co-funding of project development costs, and securing preliminary carbon credit qualification and registration.   

Project Management
Origin Climate partners with project owners to manage the complex process of monitoring and verifying carbon credits on a long-term basis. We create monitoring plans compliant with registration requirements and designed to maximize production of credits while minimizing risks. Origin also manages all aspects of the annual verification process, including hiring and management of third-party verifiers and production of all calculations and written reports.

Credit Sale and Monetization
Origin Climate has a track record of bringing to market high quality carbon credits that meet the most stringent standards for project additionality and environmental stewardship. This track record enables us to access the largest buyers of voluntary and compliance credits in the Unites States. Virtually every major voluntary buyer in the U.S. has purchased credits from one or more of our projects. This market presence translates into maximizing revenue to out projects. 

Past and Present Projects  

Scenic View Dairies  Since 2006, Origin Climate has enabled the creation of carbon offsets to help fund the digesters at the family-owned Scenic View and Brook View Dairies in Michigan.
Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority  Origin Climate has worked with the publicly owned Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority in Pennsylvania for more than five years, first validating its landfill gas-to-energy system to the Verified Carbon Standard and supporting the project through the sale of its carbon offsets.

Origin Climate works with a broad range of carbon projects, including methane capture (such as landfill gas and anaerobic digestion projects), renewable energy, SF6 reduction, sequestration (such as forestry and other land use), and others. Our principal focus is on the U.S. market (see map below) though we have also supported projects in Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and other locations.

Origin Carbon Projects.jpg

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